Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cadaver Lab Episode 31: Masters of Horror - Post Mortem

Here it is! Cadaver Lab Episode 31: Masters of Horror - Post Mortem. This episode we do a quick overview of the Showtime program called Masters of Horror. The thought behind this program is to get the best horror directors (such as John Carpenter, Dario Argento, Stewart Gordon, and Takashi Miike) and give them the chance to direct a one hour short film to showcase their talents. This idea was the brainchild of famed horror director Mick Garris. This show ran for two years and then was cut from Showtime's schedule. It was reincarnated as Fear Itself on NBC for one season.

As usual, we present the things that you've come to expect from Cadaver Lab. We do some feedback including email and some voicemails. You are also treated to Sam's Man on the Street segment as well as an awesome tribute!

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Music for this episode:
  • Antiworld - Tallman (by request from Rotten 138)
  • Megadeth - Scorpion (as requested by everybody out there... you know you love Megadeth)
  • Death Stars - White Wedding

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Presenting Doctor’s Rounds “lucky number” 07. Not Lucky Number Slevin, cos that was shite. And had Josh Hartnett in it. He doesn’t appear here and neither does Bruce Willis. Or Morgan Freeman, who was also in that movie I think. Although if they did, maybe more people would actually read this… am I rambling? Sorry. I get lonely here. Please leave some feedback via the funky new Comment link to show you care. Or suffer more inane mutterings next time. You have been warned.

Kruger on VIDEO: I was only three years old when VIDEODROME was originally released to a bemused and mostly repulsed audience. So it was only many years after that I finally got to experience the visceral and frankly rather sweaty 80’s classic. Where most early 80’s horror are worthy of appreciation for their execution or originality given the era, this one has succeeded in leaving audiences feeling coated in its filthy essence through the decades since release.

Well I’m sure you’ll be shocked to read that it’s slated for a hi-tech remake. Unexpected, right? No? Fair enough… Universal Studios have hired Ehren Kruger to re-imagine the surreal horrors that interactivity with visual media could bring about. Now, is it me, or is that message not as, lets say visionary as it was twenty six whole years ago?!

On the plus side, Kruger (no relation to Frederick) successfully translated similar themes in the US remake of RINGU. On the down side, he also inflicted us with BLOOD & CHOCOLATE which unfortunately wasn’t a new variety of Ben & Jerry’s for premenstrual Goths. Because that would have been more fun.

Do you think the blur between reality and video be portrayed with as much sense of ethereal horror to today’s YouTube generation? Let us know below…

Return to SLIME CITY: This is one for the fans of grimy midnight classics… the sequel to the 1988 cult movie SLIME CITY, intriguingly titled SLIME CITY MASSACRE, is due to lens this July in Buffalo. Gregory Lamberson returns to direct proceedings.

SLIME CITY MASSACRE tells the story of four squatters as they struggle to survive in New York City following terrorist attacks and the collapse of the financial system. The gang come across an abandoned soup kitchen with it’s own supply of wine. This particular wine is seemingly the house special and probably French, as it turns those who drink it into psychotic slime creatures.

Sounds like slimy, schlocky fun! And if there’s wine on offer, you can bet I’ll be there early doors! But does anyone know of a movie that’s had a sequel produced more that twenty one years after the original? If so, post ‘em below.

TOOLBOX MURDERS Legends: I didn’t even know that there were plans to follow up Tobe Hooper’s pretty good remake of THE TOOLBOX MURDERS with an original sequel - but they’re doing it anyway. What’s more, they’ve recently announced the first castings. What’s even more than that is the list of names given!

What genre fan hasn’t imagined Jeffery Combs, Lance Henrikson and Tony Todd in the same movie? Well we shall imagine no more, fellow dreamers, for it is reality! Hell, throw Campbell, Moseley or Englund in there and you can consider me spent!!

As for the story (who really cares?) the writer/director Dean Jones assures that the movie, “…will not be gore for the sake of having has depth and style.” Oh well, can’t have it all I suppose.

Robert R. Best - Strangeland Review

Before I let Rob take it away with his review for Strangeland, I just want to make sure everybody visits his site and supports his awesome writing. He has been a friend of the show for a very long time and we really appreciate his willingness to let us publish his reviews. Visit him here:


Dee Snyder uses chat rooms to lure teenage girls to his house so her can torture and kill them. And when he kidnaps a cop's daughter, the computer-phobic cop must learn how to use the internet to find her.

Like many other 90's computer-themed movies (think The Net), the computer stuff is not very realistic. Dee Snyder is even able to talk (as in, send audio) over what is probably a dial-up connection, with crystal clarity and no buffering.

Snyder wrote the script but didn't direct. Which is probably good, because the script is kind of weak. I mean, it's not the monstrosity you would expect the guy from Twisted Sister to write, but it's not all that good, either. He also doesn't act all that well, which is bad because he wrote lots of dialogue for himself.

Another weakness is how this movie is really two movies plastered together. The second movie starts when Dee is caught then released years later as reformed. The community torments him until he finally reverts to crazy-time. The thematic shift, coming at the middle of the movie, is abrupt and awkward.

One thing, though. One of the protesters outside his house has a sign reading "We're not gonna take it." And that makes up for a lot.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Let me relay to you a special little conversation I had with my Left Nipple:

LeftNip: Ferguson my love, is this The Portal with Michael Madsen, Stacy Keach, and Roddy Piper?! Oh, how great the day, that sounds absolutely swell! Do I get to see one of them naked, or all of them nude piled up like a boar on top of a boar on top of an older hairier more wrinkled boar!

Ferg: …uh, well, no actually. This is an equally horrific display of a movie from Windchill Films.

LeftNip: Windchill Films, oh sweet, they made Candy Stripers and Séance, dude they got a new movie! Damn, is it me or is it getting cold in here?!

Ferg: oh, man, I’m sorry, but this thing… it ain’t like that, it’s more like an unconvincingly bad dream.

LeftNip: Yes? And is there twisting involved?

Ferg: oh, you dirty little… your so cute (and hairy), if only my tongue were longer…

Let’s say you started to write a script and stopped. Have you perhaps found yourself stumped, well this movie has the answer to your writers block problem (the E.D. problem you have, well this will actually make it worse.)

It’s simple really, just copy what you’ve already ‘written’ and YOU NOW HAVE TWICE THE SCRIPT! In fact why stop there? Do it again! Now you practically have a full movie and all you had to do was a little word perfect magic! Next we add some spice, and what says scary like FOGGY roads. Yes! Add a woman that in far too many ways resembles a brontosaurus. Double Plus! Don’t stop now, throw in our main ‘hero’ that gets to have lots of anonymous sex with (not) very hot (allegedly female) chicks! Ha, but now to the horror, they tricked you, he gets drugged by food laced with… uh, ashes? (Really?) Anyway he doesn’t remember any of the (not) hot sex and you don’t get to see it! True terror…

Our hero with the aid of a wisecracking (Steve Buscemi wannabe) sidekick get caught in HORRIBLE fog and must stop at a motel. Peculiarities ensue and they are unable to leave. No, they are not held against their will vacancy style, but rather, they can’t find their keys, or they fall asleep, because it’s been proven that bad acting causes forgetfulness and narcolepsy. HORRIBLE! Since they can’t remember (because of the ashes?) our truly outrageous guys relive the same night over and over. And Bronto-bitch has pregnant women in cages! Behind the terror is a bad toupee, a gay (sleeveless) boy and a transsexual (they claim it’s a women, I’ll challenge it to the Dundee test on that one). HORRIBLE! They are trying to get a baby to be born so the fog will go away, no really I watched it a couple times and I think that’s what’s going on. Well, maybe I’m mistaken and they were all doing this as a double-a therapy kind of thing to overcome personal demons and keep each other from drinking. They really should have stuck to drinking Everclear and huffing paint while weeping in a dim lit public bathroom.

Evil beings got you trapped in another dimension, easy, just whack ‘em 23 times with a stick (yes, I counted) and they die. Now that’s hardcore to the max. The only actual nudity we get is a chick with what appears to be a scar from sternum to stomach; perhaps she really is a dead body post autopsy. That gave the movie a glimmer of hope for a fleeting moment, but sadly was followed by Bronto-bitch summoning CGI flames that burned… well nothing actually. It was pretty dumb.

Alright, I really tried, but that’s it, I give up, if watching people read their lines and fear of death by boredom are your thing, then this flick is for you. The deaths are so incredibly lame and there are no attempts at anything remotely close to a scare anywhere here. You have to wonder, was this movie made to look like this or did they lose a dare? They actually have the nerve to used shaky cam in this movie. I’m convinced it happened purely from the large amounts of meth the director was doing while still convinced this movie was a good idea. The cast is a who’s who of absolute nobodies, unless you count soft-core porn and walk on soap opera roles, both of which I deny exist.

Why you shouldn’t see this movie:

It causes irreversible damage to your medulla oblongata and is not in any way enriched or fortified with anything close to vitamins or minerals, nor is it a part of a complete breakfast, lunch, dinner, or afternoon delight.

Why you should see this movie:

Ummmmm… well, the song as the credits roll was kinda cool, but then the dicks cut it short and played some lame-ass chick rock crap. No, you shouldn’t see this at all.

On the Uwe Boll-omiter this movie gets an 8 (out of 10, 1 being good and 10 causing nothing but pain), it didn’t kill me, but it tried! I bleed from my tear ducts (so that’s how Fulci did it!) and I literally crapped in my pants. It had little to no entertainment value of any kind.

Six (well actually less) degrees to Uwe!

Katherine Hawkes (who was scary without trying) was in Portal. She wrote, directed and stared in Immortally Yours with Daniel Goddard.
Daniel Goddard was in Stan Lee’s Lightspeed with the immortal Lee Majors.

Lee Majors was in Fate with Michael Paré.

Michael Paré, was in pretty much everything Uwe Boll has made, but I’ll go with SEED! That movie ate ass cock!

Next Week, Ferguson travels to another town full of… fog (fog is scary) and bad CGI (that’s scary too) with Guardians! (

If you happen to spot a movie that you haven’t seen and it looks just plain stupid. Perhaps you don’t quite dare to watch it, well just let me know and I will do my duty to check it out and report back just PM me on the Forums.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Who Likes Some Old Time Radio?

As you know, we don't typically plug any website or organization in any kind of way that could be construed as an advertisement. We do have a link to Horror-Mall, but that's because the guys over there are completely independent and selling independent horror items highlighting the artists/authors/filmmakers who fuel the independent horror scene.

Well, here is another organization that I would put in that same category. Except they sell all kinds of Old Time Radio shows including an extensive collection of Horror-Mystery titles. Here's a little snippet that was sent over to me:

Old Time Radio Catalog ( is dedicated to the preservation of the golden era of radio (old time radio) and features some of the best in radio dramas and radio horror-mystery shows.

Radio is the ideal medium for horror and mystery entertainment. In the minds eye, old time radio horror and mystery shows can conjure the most frightening of scary sensations. With sound effects, good timing, and the power of suggestion horror and mystery in classic old time radio created some of the scariest and most memorable horror productions in history.

From the website, you can hear thousands of old time radio episodes online and can stream or download full episodes in Mp3 format. Listeners can sample and read about some hand-picked horror favorites in the Horror and Mystery on the Radio article.

Detailed descriptions of the performers and series broadcast in the era (1920's - 1959) are available to read. In the 'daily downloads', there are the broadcasts of the day throughout history (from the last 50-70+ years).

Up until the late 1990's, collecting Old Time Radio Shows was expensive and the shows themselves were rare. The original site began as a old time radio trading site to share my collection, further my personal collection of old time radio shows, and provide a place for other fans to research the history of the shows and performers (including many actors from the horror genre) including:

  • Bela Lugosi, best known for his role as Dracula has many old time radio guest appearances.
  • Vincent Price is a collection that includes his performances on The Saint.
  • Orson Welles is an extensive collection showcasing his illustrious career in the horror genre.
  • Peter Lorre collection is popular among horror and mystery old time radio fans.
  • Boris Karloff Frankenstein's Monster, appeared in a multitude of spooky old time radio shows.

Since the 1990's, has encoded thousands old time radio shows into the MP3 format which have been made available on various websites, but for your dose of spooky radio shows, please visit the original and enjoy some classic horrific radio shows today!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Biggie Dubs: Exorcist : A First Look

Is The Exorcist greatest movie ever? Probably not, although you cannot doubt it has to be counted alongside the greatest movies ever made. So, is it the greatest horror movie ever? Another tough question, but one I feel that cannot honestly be answered yes. With increasing technology, and directing techniques, we may never able to nail down the definitive greatest horror film. Could it be the most important horror film ever, then? I'm going to take a gamble, and say yes, it is the most important horror film ever.

Now, it was certainly not the first ‘mainstream’ horror film, which perhaps goes to Night Of The Living Dead (again, questionable), yet it certainly gave many young people a reason to love horror films forever. Where would we be without this film? With a stunted genre, less fans, and probably more zombie films.

This film is flawless, it really is. This is the essence of all horror films, what all those that follow try to emulate, with varying results. Everything this film tries to do; it succeeds, even to this day in my eyes. While not being a religious person, I perhaps could not comprehend the full meaning of the horror. Yet the film was still able to give you that uneasy feeling in your gut, you know the one I'm talking about.

With many trips back in time through horror films, the effects are usually the major downfall, and sticking point for younger viewers. They believe that if it looks stupid, then it automatically is, and by the same logic, modern films are somehow better. Considering the fact that this movie was released in 1973 it is amazing to see how well this movie stands up. I prefer practical effects, simply for the reason that they will look good forever, if done right of course.

Despite the fact that this film has survived the 36 year gap with the majority of its former glory in tact, I doubt there would be many of the newcomers to horror who could appreciate today. This film is legendary; its one of the foundations of horror, but its status may precede itself to those who cannot take it seriously.

This film is around 2 hours for a start, and slow paced at times. Also, its horror, may simply be too tame for some. There is not a monster, of sorts, just an evil inside the amazing Linda Blair. Although there are 3 deaths in the film, we only see one, and may not be enough for those blood-thirsty youths of today.

It is horror in its literal sense; fear of the unknown. And whether or not the devil can still scare people in this less-religious time is to be seen.

This film is amazing, as long as you allow it to be. To get the most out of this film, set a couple of hours aside, preferable around midnight. It deserves it after all. If you watch it anywhere else, especially with other people, then you will definitely not get what you’re supposed to out of it.

This film is creepy, has ground breaking subliminal messages, and an amazing ending. If are new to the genre, or have not seen it for whatever reason, you owe it to yourself to watch it. This is the basis for every horror film you have seen. This is the ultimate horror film, and in my eyes, the most important. Just pray they never remake it.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dexter - Watch it Now

So Mike introduced me to one of the best written television shows I have ever seen. Dexter on Showtime is a smart, darkly humorous drama that gets your attention from the very beginning.

If you don't know, Dexter is the adopted son of a Miami homocide cop. Dexter has grown up with "urges" that have been noticed by his loving father. The cop decides to help Dexter with the urges by teaching him how to get away with murder. They develop a code that in essence says that anyone who you know has gotten away with murder can be disposed of themselves.

I am not going to go in to the plot lines at all because there are some intricate weaves that take whole seasons to resolve. Jennifer Carpenter plays Dexters step-sister. Now I am not a Jennifer Carpenter fan, but she does a great job in this. There are 3 seasons so far with 12 episodes each at about an hour. This is a must see for cable drama lovers, and anyone who has a little dark side. I still can't figure out who I pull for. I give this a bonesaw, let me know what you think.

The Spammers Got To Me :(

I'm really sorry to have to do this, but I turned off the ability to sign up for the forums with a gmail account. Today I had over 100 spammers sign up with a gmail account. It is hard to sift through all of the accounts and know which are genuine sign-ups.

Sorry for the inconvenience. If Gmail is your only email address, let me know at and I'll get you signed up!

Rejoice, for Doctor’s Rounds 06 is here!! Behold the mathematical truth behind the attacking zombie hordes! Succumb to a tale of jealousy and voodoo revenge! Gasp as an icon gives in to fashion! Or just read the words below and post thoughts on the forums… your choice really.

Surviving SURVIVAL in L4D: Doctor’s Rounds 05 reported how the release date of the highly anticipated SURVIVAL DLC Pack for L4D had been surreptitiously included in a random blog post, announcing both this and the release of other game packs that I frankly could give a crap about.

Well, I guess it’s a case of “rumour confirmed” after the good folks over at VALVE updated their own L4D blog this week. The blog entry offers a helpful and very technical insight into how the mechanics of the pack work and hints at the mayhem that will ensue:

“For example, a tank will be much harder to fight if a mob of common infected spawns at the same time - and nearly impossible if three hunters also show up right at that moment… Given the extreme pace of Survival Mode, the number of zombies killed in a single round often outnumbers an entire campaign… As ammo piles provide a unique infinite resupply for players, they tend to be in relatively less defensible positions in the Survival arenas.”

Unlimited waves of the undead, Tanks and multiple Hunters? Sounds like a good time! Hope you’ll be joining me online when the pack is released for PC and 360 on April 21st.

SAW VI Set Reports: There is an unwritten and silently accepted list of men who other men simply want to be. Y’know, like James Bond and Hugh Hefner. And - if I may - I’d like to add another name to this list: John Raybin. Who?! Why?! Because he’s the lucky S.O.B. who is currently residing on, and reporting from, the set of SAW VI as it’s shot in Toronto.

Lucky for us, he’s posting frequent tidbits of what he’s seen and done. Once my initial jealousy and sheer hatred of the man for having regularly shared dinner with the entire cast & crew had subsided, I returned the voodoo effigy to its box and extracted the following from his posts thus far:

“This has been a bloody week. A bloody week indeed... Director Kevin Greutert has firm control over the set – he’s comfortable, relaxed and in control... I love the sets. They are remarkable-looking. They are the best SAW sets I’ve ever seen... and the traps – wait until you see these amazing traps! This movie is a lot more violent than the previous [instalment]… Could be the best script yet!”

Raybin also reported that the ways that the writers and producers have reintroduced Amanda (Shawnee Smith) into the plot is nothing short of “ingenious”. We’ll have to wait until October whether these reports are accurate or hype. In the meantime, I’m in need of some long pins just sharp enough for stabbing dolls…

Sequel to Remake is not Remake of Sequel: Rob Zombie’s half-remake-half-original-sequel HALLOWEEN is one of those movies that polarized horror fans. Some thought it to be a travesty and others considered it a reboot suitable for a new generation. The biggest criticism aimed at the movie was the fact that the second half turned into a montage of 'greatest moments' from the original.

And so, despite the sequel beginning with Michael hunting his big sis through a hospital mere hours after the events of part one, Zombie is looking to avoid the same criticisms from fans of the franchise:

"This movie has nothing to do with the movie that came out back in 1981. The only thing slightly the same is my film has a brief hospital scene at the top of the film and even that is 100% different. These are all new characters and all new situations. This is not a remake of a sequel, this is the continuing story of the Halloween I started."

So keen is Zombie’s desire to mix things up, rumours are that the infamous William “The Shat” Shatner mask is actually not worn throughout a portion of the movie. This may explain the hoodie look seemingly adopted by Myers in segments of the 20 seconds of footage shown exclusively on Entertainment Tonight. Or he could just be sulking... Or perhaps shoplifting... In any case, it will definitely prove for an interesting watch!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ferguson Takes One for the Team: Zombie: The Beginning

We have a submission! As the title of this article indicates, Ferguson is going to watch the worst of the worst... then report on it! Just want to say thanks to Fergie!

Zombi: La Creazione

AKA Zombie: the Beginning

Directed by Vincent Dawn… er, wait, what’s that, I mean the infamous Bruno Mattei! In fact this is his final film, this is his requiem that he graces us with posthumous. Why the alias? I haven’t a clue, maybe it’s the lack of soft-core sex scenes. This is the sequel to the equally amazing Island of the Living Dead, ya it said island, but what I saw was a Haunted House at the local theme park.

We begin our adventure with a backdrop of stock synthesized military themed music and the cliché southern helicopter pilot saying… “Roger, we spotted a shipwrecked person. We’re going to the rescue.”… And from there the dialogue continues to be natural and realistic.

You gotta give them credit for the fact that they actually procured a real helicopter for filming and didn’t attempt CGI.

Even though some of our esteemed actors are speaking English we get some amazing dubbing (in the Italian tradition), the effect of which is to cause your limbic system to explode with adulation!

Now, most reviewers will just simply say this is a complete rip-off of some obscure 80’s flick called Aliens, but that’s pure shit, this is all original baby!!

We jump directly into what is likely a true story of…

  • A Dream (of a haunted house) within a Dream (of her being infected by a haunted


  • A confrence room full of suits cross examining our hero about her dead crew and the destruction of their ship called… wait for it… The Dark Star!
  • 6 months later Paul Reiser, I mean Paul Barker comes to her from The Tyler Corporation and admits that they know her story is true because the team they sent in to check her story is now MISSING! She rejects the offer to go back to the planet, I mean haunted house, I mean island and he even gives her his card!!!!!


  • She goes home and dreams (of a haunted house) and goes to look in the mirror. We know where this is going. Quick! To the batcave!
  • Marines… with tough chick wearing bandana, a smartass and yes we even get a cafeteria scene, sadly there are no robots involved. Not that I’ve seen that before, but I kept thinking robots would really take this to the next level, kinda like a cowbell.

Suddenly things change drastically and we get to watch some random shots from Crimson Tide! We are treated to scenes of submarines with great American actors such as Danny Nucci and Viggo Mortenson. (You think I’m making this up? You wish!) You may be incredulous and think that perhaps I speak of a movie that looks like similar. Oh, so naïve. No, in fact we are privileged to watch actual footage of Crimson Tide.

What follows for the remaining hour is some of the purest and unadulterated HORROR!

Moments where their guns fire with such tenacity that there is no muzzle flare. Where actors talk with such skill that you hear there words multiple seconds after they’ve spoken them.

There is an incredibly disturbing attack from a zombie midget with an eyeball growing from its head; all I can say is hide the children!

Zombie babies exploding from dead zombified mothers, or are they vampires, because, well they do have fangs, so I’m not sure it’s kind of a hybrid haunted house experience.

There was even this UBER INTENSE part where the marines go into the haunted house and the leader (with the main chick and some old Alzheimer’s guy that wandered onto the set and looks lost the whole damn time) stay back in the vehicle to monitor through cameras. While the zombies at the haunted house start jumping out and attacking them so the leader says “pull out!” but they don’t because there pinned down, and the chick starts yelling about “get them outta there” and so she goes and starts driving the VAN all crazy (by the way it’s a stick shift and she subscribes to the ‘if you can’t find ‘em, grind ‘em” school) to rescue the marines. Oh man, you just have to see it; I pissed in my bugle boys. It was awesome! A zombie even gets on the van and she throws it off and runs it over, Dude I am seriously still shaking just thinking about it! Undiluted Terror!

Let’s just say it goes on from there and trust me when I tell you that you won’t believe how far they take this thing. I can’t say it was a waste of time, I actually found myself laughing at their attempts at what can easily be called a remake.

So, Why you don’t need to see this movie…Well, to put it short, you already have.

Why you do need to see this movie… If watching Shakespeare done by hacks at a local park pavilion isn’t good enough for ya, then you need to see James Cameron done by the Salt Lake Community Theatre! Haazaa!!

This movie only gets a 4 (out of 10) on the Uwe Boll-omiter which only caused mild cramping and discoloration of stool.

It was pretty damn bad, but still entertaining.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Writers/Contributors Wanted!

Hey... YOU! That's right YOU! um... I know that you watch a load of horror flicks. I also know that you read horror literature and even enjoy the multiple forms of horror entertainment that is available. I also know that you have an opinion... You know what they say about opinions... They say that if you are able to put them into a thoughtful and insightful review or article that the Cadaver Lab would love to put them up on their site!

This is Mike... you know... the guy making all of the juvenile attempts at humor on the Cadaver Lab Podcast. I thought that I was going to have more time to spend adding content to the front page as well as creating other goodies like trivia for the site... Well, you know how busy I am writing apology letters to all of the groups of people that I offend during the podcast. Unfortunately, this has taken up much of my free time.

Therefore, if you have the desire to submit an article, review, or some other type of appropriate content to the Cadaver Lab, without promise of compensation, we want you!

Shoot an email over to if you're interested!

Robert R. Best - Tamara Review

So, Tamara is into spells and such. That fact and her name remind me of Tara from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Maybe we should skip reviewing Tamara and instead sit quietly and think about what a good show Buffy was.

Ah. Nice.

Anyway, back to Tamara.

Tamara is into spells and is a bit of a social outcast at school. Some other kids decide to play a prank on her and, like all pranks in all horror movies for all time, the prank goes badly. So badly that Tamara is killed.

Hey, now that I think of it, Tara on Buffy was also killed.

What a good show Buffy was.

Oh, sorry.

So, Tamara is killed in a prank gone bad. But the magic she's been into causes her to come back from the dead. And it somehow makes her sexy, too. Because nothing says sexy like reanimated corpses bent on revenge.

Did I mention she's bent on revenge? Do I need to? You know how these movies work. What do you think she'd come back for, ice cream?

Mmmm, ice cream.

I guess my point is that it's easy to get distracted while thinking about this movie. It's just very typical, and not quite well made enough to rise above that. Bleh.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Episode 30: Asian Horror

WARNING!!! For some reason Mike and Sam were on one during the recording of this episode. It is apparent as we make it our mission to offend multiple people and groups as a whole... You have been warned!

This week we discuss three Asian films that have been recommended to us. These three films are Tokyo Gore Police (2008), The Machine Girl (2008), and Oldboy (2003). This episode we introduce a new segment for the Cadaver Lab. Sam takes the show to the streets to ask poignant questions to the unsuspecting public. As usual, we also go over some voicemails.

Music for this Episode:
  • Music Box - Candyman Soundtrack
  • Silent Hill - Silent Hill Soundtrack
  • Helmet - Exactly what You Wanted
  • Skeletonwitch - Sacrifice for the Slaughtergod
Tokyo Gore Police

The Machine Girl


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Episode 29: Basket Case Trilogy

This episode we discuss the awesome Horror Hound Weekend! It was awesome to go hang out with my podcasting compatriots. We discuss what celebrities were in attendance and which one needed to be bitch-slapped for his constant attention whoring.

We also discuss three movies that will blow your mind. the Basket Case Trilogy! I must say that these are the best movies that involve conjoined twins that were separated and one lives in a basket.

As usual, we go over some voicemails. To leave a voicemail, call (206) 339-2730. If you would like to shoot us an email, send your thoughts to or Make sure to visit!

Download This Episode Directly

Music for this episode:
  • Sublime - Date Rape
  • Strapping Young Lad - Love?
  • Slipknot - People = Shit
We typically don't add any clips for the music, but Strapping Young Lad's video for "Love?" is extra Special:

Basket Case

Basket Case 2

Basket Case 3