Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Donkey Punch Review by Floridapossum

Take booze, drugs, sex, young people on a yacht, and what do you have? A typical slasher move. Well, I'm happy to say not this time. You do have a bit of a slasher move, but Donkey Punch, is anything but typical.

This is a well written, well produced, and well acted movie from start to finish, by relative unknown actors, and first time film director, Olly Blackburn.

The plot is a simple one, three young women vacationing in Mallorca are having an all girls vacation, until they go to the pub. There, after some drinking and dancing they meet three guys looking for a good time. Very unoriginal so far. But this soon changes. The six of them head out to party on a yacht the boys crew. The owner of the yacht conveniently flew out the day before, and they decide to take full advantage of his abscence.
What follows, after reaching the yacht is an alchohol, drug fueled orgy, with one female protagonist reluctant and not participating. She stays on deck with a fourth fellow, who had been left behind to watch the boat.

From here, we enter of maze of graphic violence, sex, and gore. I don't want to give away any more, but this movie had many unanticipated twists and turns, that elevated it well above your typical, drunken, drug crazed, parttying youngsters, slasher movie.
The cinematography was beautiful, the colors deep, and it had the appearance of a high budget movie. The score, while not outstanding, was not bad. The acting was believable and enjoyable. Very well done.

If you enjoy sex, booze, drugs and orgys, in your movies, this is definitely one to see.

In the word of the illustrious Sam and Mike, I would give this a buy!

Monday, December 29, 2008

New, Exciting, Motivational Video

Well, new and exciting yes! Motivational? Depends on your tastes...but can you really go wrong with lesbian vampires?

Another Notch in the Belt for Keith Latch!

So, in the last month or so we've talked about Sleepwalkers, Bestseller, and Cemetery Things. All of which are novels written by Keith Latch. As if that wasn't enough, Keith has released A Ghost Story in paperback form.

Right now, Keith is selling this book on his website Not only can you buy a copy there, but you can buy a copy signed by Keith himself!

Not only Keith is a friend of the show and an awesome guy, but he is a very talented author. Let's show our support for Keith and indie-horror literature!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

In the effort to make better, we're trying out a couple of new things. The first thing being the ability to add videos. So here's our first try!!!

The Cadaver Lab is Skipping a Week!

This is a very busy time of year for everybody and things are no different here at the Cadaver Lab. Unfortunately we will be skipping a week and will record the next episode "Love Your Junk" on January 7, 2009!

The Christmas Show is Out!

Sam and Mike ring in the holidays by presenting the Cadaver Lab Christmas Show! We review and discuss A Christmas Evil, Black Christmas, and Jack Frost. We also have a couple of weird-ass Christmas Carols to share. Last, but not least, find out what the difference is between Snow Men and Snow Women.

To read the show notes, click HERE.

Cadaver Lab Says: Love Your Junk!

So here they are! We finally got our act together and have the "Love Your Junk" bracelets available. Remember the heartfelt Public Service Announcement that Sam delivered regarding a close call that he had with an out of control toilet seat? Well, wearing this bracelet will never allow you to forget!

For details and to purchase click HERE or click the "Store" link on the menu above!

Episode 17: Horror Action

Episode 17 has been released. This week we discuss Horror Action. We discuss and review Underworld, Constantine, and End of Days. This is a special episode because apparently we forgot to take our meds before we started recording and there are some strange results.

View the show notes by clicking HERE.

Christmas-Themed Horror

We know... We know... Many horror podcasts are currently running shows about Christmas-themed horror films. We didn't want to be left out of the mix... Actually, we're in the holiday spirit and what better way to celebrate Christmas than with horror films.

Episode 18 should be released on (or before) Christmas Eve and will feature Christmas Evil, Jack Frost, and the quintessential Black Christmas!