Friday, January 30, 2009

Episode 22: Cold as Shit

Here are some show notes from the new episode:

What is more appropriate at this chilly time of year than to discuss films that take place in cold and isolated environments? Sam and Mike tackle three films; The Last Winter 2006, 30 Days of Night 2007, and John Carpenter's The Thing 1982. We discuss why this setting lends itself well for horror films as well as our thoughts on good ways and bad ways to express political opinions via film.

We also get our first entry to the "Imitate Sam" contest. You're guaranteed to laugh your ass off when you hear this.

Lastly, this week we take a step back and play some guilty pleasures for the musical selections...

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Evil Zombie Usses!

So, I know this is lame, but... I had some extra time this week and we did some chatting over on the Midnight Podcast forums about getting "Zombie Portraits". We talked about sites like

Well, me being the dumbass that I am, I thought I'd take a shot. I am in no way a graphic designer, but I figured that I'd at least take a stab at making a zombie me. So, I took a pic of myself and gave it a shot. I kind of liked the way my zombie turned out, so I tried making one of Sam. Sam sent over 4 or 5 pics of himself and I chose the one that looked most like a mugshot.

They look different from each other in color and tone even though I followed the tutorial to the letter with both attempts.

I figured that I'd put them up here since I think that they are, if nothing else, pretty funny. I also added them on the "About Us" page.

So... Here they are.



Monday, January 26, 2009

Hellraiser Deader Review - SPOILERS! by Robert R. Best

Kari Wuhrer smokes. And does investigative reporting. Like taking pictures of crack addicts in their natural environment. This gets her on the front page. So she smokes.

Her boss gives her a tape to watch. She smokes and does so. The tape shows a weird cult, known as Deaders, killing themselves and coming back to life. This freaks Kari Wuhrer out, so she smokes.

She investigates the Deaders, going to Eastern Europe so she can smoke and remind us all vaguely of Hostel and how much money that made.

Things quickly stop making any sense. Kari Wuhrer smokes and runs around a lot. And gets stabbed without dying. And has flashbacks about her abusive father. And smokes.

Eventually we sort of learn that the Deaders have tampered in Pinhead's domain and Pinhead is pissed. The Deaders want Kari Wuhrer to smoke and kill herself so they can do something or other. She refuses. Pinhead shows up and kills all the Deaders. Kari Wuhrer escapes Pinhead by killing herself, which is suddenly a good thing now. Pinhead goes "Nooooooo!"

The end.

Did I mention how much Kari Wuhrer smokes in this movie? It's a lot.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Episode 21: Sci-Fi Horror

We've finally released Episode 21. Here are some notes on the episode:

This week Mike and Sam discuss a few selections that fall into the genre of Sci-Fi Horror. We realize that this topic is not the most unique, but we put our spin on the topic. We review Galaxy of Terror 1981, Event Horizon 1997, and the classic Alien 1979.

In this episode, Sam gets called a name that he just can't seem to die and a flame-war is started with another podcast... kind of.

Don't forget about our "Impersonate Sam" contest. We have an awesome prize package for the the person who calls our voicemail with the best impression of Sam!

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We also get a great writeup HERE by a very talented listener named Cindy. Visit her article and her other work!

Lastly, check out all of the show notes HERE.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Robert R. Best Reviews Zombie

There are some movies you love more than they deserve.

Zombie - a 1979 Italian movie by Lucio Fulci - is one of those movies for me.

70's/80's Italian horror can be a bit of an acquired taste. They tend to be loosely written, slow and heavy on the gore. Horror fans raised on shaky-cam and jump cuts tend to find them unbearable. Oh well. Their loss.

And to that the fact that Lucio Fulci wasn't necessarily the greatest director of all time. He made loose, sloppy movies which moved slowly and in which acting was - well, incidental to the whole process. But there's a gleeful sleaziness to his movies, a willingness to get to the nasty gory point, that I just love.

So, on to what many consider his classic, Zombie. Well, it's known in America as Zombie. In the UK, it's known as Zombie Flesh Eaters. And in Italy it was released as Zombi 2. Interestingly, there was no Italian movie called Zombi. There was an American movie released in Italy as Zombi, which was known in America as Dawn Of The Dead. Confused?

Okay. Let's back up. While Fulci is making Zombie, Romero's Dawn Of The Dead is a huge hit in Italy under the name Zombi. To cash in on this, Fulci's film is then released as Zombi 2, as though it's a sequel to Dawn Of The Dead, which it's not. Still confused?

Oh well. Let's just call it Zombie.

Story time! A seemingly abandoned boat floats into New York Harbor. The harbor patrol discovers a zombie on board. The zombie attacks and is shot.

A journalist investigates the attack, and meets a woman whose father was supposed to be on the boat. They trace the trail - do boats leave trails? - back to an island with an outbreak of . . . malaria! Oh, I mean, zombies! They go to the island and zombie attacks ensue.

And that's pretty much the plot. But that's not why you watch this movie. You want to see disgusting zombies. And you do. Fulci's zombies also look more - well, corpse-y than Romero's zombies. They really do look like corpses. Like this guy:

And there's lots of gore. Gobs of it. Including one of the most infamous gore scenes of all time. If you haven't seen it, here's how it starts:

Guess how that plays out. And, there's also this:

And that's all you really need to know. This movie has a zombie fighting a shark.

A zombie. Fighting a shark.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Robert R. Best Series of Reviews: Calvaire

Robert R. Best has offered to submit a series of film reviews. We, here at the Cadaver Lab, feel lucky to have him send these into us because of his entries into horror literature. Make sure to visit him online at

Review of Calvaire:

This is a Belgian film from a few years back. It's disturbing, perverse and worth seeing.

Our hero is a low-level singer who is touring the countryside, playing nursing homes and things like that. And we gather that he considers himself better than the sad, lonely people he is performing for.

While on the way to another show, he ends up stranded in a depraved village being terrorized by a depraved innkeeper. And all sorts of nasty things ensue. And his distaste for the sad and lonely quite literally comes back to fuck him in the ass. And crucify him. And force him to wear dresses.

Also features a pig being violated and the strangest dancing you'll ever see. How strange? So strange that I feel compelled to mention it on top of the other things I've listed.

Watch it.

Trust me.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Forum Upgrade in Progress!!!

In an attempt to add certain features to the forums such as video embedding and rss feeds, we are currently upgrading the version of the forum. You may notice that the template looks a little different.

This process will happen in stages. Everyone will be able to post as usual and hopefully soon it will be back to normal as far as looks go.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Big Winters and his thoughts on Saw

Junior Cadaver Lab correspondent Big Winters is always there to bring us his fresh take on what some would consider "the classics". Here he is now with his thoughts on a film that is somewhat more contemporary.

I like Saw…does that make me a douchebag? (Trust me BW, it's not the fact that you like Saw that makes you a douchebag :) mb)

With the boundaries of horror being pushed to more extreme plains, and the search for good-enough, original plots becomes harder and harder, we get remakes, blatant rip-offs and films like Saw and Hostel. On the surface, both films are simply excuses for cinematic violence, and on the inside there is a plot trying to get out. Unfortunately, it seems the plot drowned in the amount of blood in both of these series of films.

With the maturity of today’s youth, which I am apart of unfortunately, it’s not surprising that these ‘torture-porn’ films are becoming more and more popular. People below the adult-borderline are desperate to cross it, and so look for more and more ‘adult’ films. The funny thing here though is that once you crossed that line, it somehow clears your view, and you can finally see what they really are.

Let me make it clear though, I only like the first Saw film.

I can only reference Saw 1 to 3 in this retrospect/review, but from what Ive been told that’s probably a good thing, with the awfulness of the fourth and fifth. However, 1, 2 and 3 serve quite an adequate representation for the genre as a whole.

The first film, is widely regarded as ‘pretty-good’, while I may even venture to rate this film as ‘pretty-awesome’. The hardly-existent story revolves around two guys called Adam, and Lawrence. One is a family man, and the other is a loner photographer. They both awaken in a nasty bathroom chained.

The rest of the story is then played out in a confusing set of flashbacks, which can be understood if you try hard enough. The flashbacks range from past trials, one survivor of a game, and how they ended up in their current predicament. These also range from generally creepy, to kind of stupid.

Comparing this film to its sequels, there is an easy-to-see difference. The difference is evident in the gore. In this film, problematic situations are chosen over exaggerated gore. One scene particular illustrates this point; the titular sawing through the leg scene. The camera angles used are mostly close-ups of faces and quick cuts to the foot. Compare that to Saw 3, where limbs are being twisted 360 degrees with close-ups of bone going through flesh; it’s not hard to see where the more sensible movie watchers stepped off.
Another difference from Saw to its sequel is the tension. With the original, the ‘players’ of Jigsaw’s games have until 6 o’clock to get out of the trap. Compare this to Saw 3, where Jeff has about two minutes to save the women from freezing to death. Where’s the tension for potential escape? There isn’t, as the viewers really want to see people die in horrible ways, apparently.

Along with the increase in the amount of blood, the films are becoming more caught up in ‘tense moments’, and ‘life and death choices’. However, when people are getting drowned in pig entrails, who really cares about realistic life choices? Immersing yourself in the film only works if what’s happening is feasible. Also, it helps if you actually care about the characters in the story, which I don’t. If they stopped telling us their life story, and wasting time, I might actually care. Again, it may be realistic, but who cares? No-one does, because if you are still watching, the only thing you’ll want to see is people getting killed.

The sequels of Saw are also lacking in ingenuity, which was supposedly thrown out to fit in the gore. The cunning ways that Jigsaw plays Lawrence and Adam against each other is rarely seen in many other movies. The cruel twist at the end of the film is also genius, with a death that isn’t as brutal, but yet still worse than others in the series (well, if we skip the flashback in 3, WHICH WE ARE). This film can also be described as a mental torture film, rather than the physical variety, which the sequels plainly are. The mental variety will always be preferable in films, due to its possible to ‘break the third wall’, and bring you into the film.

At the end of the day though, the first film is good. I came into this film after watching the trailers for all the others, and expecting a mess of blood, and preachy meanings. What do you get though? Well, you get decent tension, imaginative kills, and that guy from Lethal Weapon… no, not that guy, the other one. Not a bad deal, the sequel should be good to, oh wait…

Robert R. Best... All Kinds of Things Kill

We here at the Cadaver Lab have been very fortunate to have friends who are keeping the independent horror scene vibrant and interesting. In addition to boasting Keith Latch and Shawn Gabborin as friends of the show, we are pleased to do a piece about Robert R. Best and think of him as a friend of the show. His awesome novel All Kinds of Things Kill is currently in circulation and definitely worth talking about.

All Kinds of Things Kill is a collection of short stories that Robert R. Best has put together. I must admit that I have not read this book, instead I listened to it as an audiobook from When I first heard of this collection and downloaded the book, my first impression was that the quality of the production was top notch and the woman who reads the stories does an awesome job. Sometimes with these free audiobooks the production is a little lacking, but this book does not suffer from that.

This book is a collection of nine short stories. The topics range from cannibalism to vampires. Each story is unique and very interesting. Robert is a very talented writer and this is very apparent by the technique he uses in describing what is going on in the story. He makes it very easy for the reader,or in my case the listener, to understand and visualize what is going on in the story.

Now, I've talked about Keith Latch about this before, but I am still amazed that work like this is available for free. I get it. I get the fact that Robert is probably trying to create a following for his work, but I still can't believe that this was free. All in all, this was a very engaging book that treats the reader/listener to nine unique stories of terror.

Here is a piece of marketing for this book:

From the darkest alley to your own front yard. From the future of medical science to old-fashioned vampires and werewolves. All Kinds Of Things Kill. Nine stories of horror and fear from Robert R. Best. What will kill you?

You can download the book HERE. This is something that I highly recommend everybody does. Also, he has a new website located at It seems like the site is brand new and awaiting some content, but I have a feeling that Robert R. Best will be someone that many of us will want to keep tabs on.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Episode 20: The Genetic Opera

At the beginning of this week we thought that we were going to have to take the week off because of some work obligations. However, the stars aligned and we pushed around some of our prior committments, watched a great flick and were able to record this afternoon.

This week we discuss Repo! The Genetic Opera. A film starring Paul Sorvino, Anthony Head, and Sarah Brightman. This is a little bit different than the flicks that we typically talk about. A musical in the vein of Sweeny Todd or The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Repo is filled with great visuals and a very unique storyline.

Even though we had the shore preparation time, we had a bunch to talk about because Repo was a completely unique flick.

Read the show notes or download the episode directly HERE.

Here is the trailer for Repo! The Genetic Opera:

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Heartstopper Review from Doctor Smirnoff

After discovering (much to my surprise) that my DVD collection features more movies starring Robert Englund than any other actor (with Steven Seagal coming a close second and Kurt Russell in third – don’t judge me!) my wife kindly sought and purchased for me a lesser-known horror movie to help complete the accidental collection: 'Heartstopper' (2006).

Englund plays a local sheriff who has recently captured an infamous murderer and practitioner of the ‘usual dark’ magic antics, involving tattoos, possession and cheating death. Once the criminal is put to death, his body is taken to a local hospital for autopsy and incineration. Of course, things don’t get that far and once the cadaver is up and walking around the hospital in search of one particularly special patient things get ugly…

The casting of Robert Englund is definitely the selling point here, his name and image featuring prominently on the cover-art (at least the R2 version). But this turns out to be one of those movies where the big name is only actually present for just under the first half of the movie. However, it has to be said that he does do a good enough job of carrying the production whilst featured and it is admittedly refreshing to see him play a good guy for once.

There’s enough crimson to keep gore-hounds reasonably satisfied and the rest of the no-name cast is perfectly adequate. With a standard cat & mouse plot ending in a truly bizarre finale this can only be classed as an obviously cheap, appropriately short and strictly average horror movie. I have to admit that whilst it just about kept my attention for its running time I was not overly impressed by it and would give it an AMC.

Finally, some may be interested to learn that this movie was directed by Bob Keen – the British FX maestro probably most famous for the gruesomely graphic introduction of ‘dead Frank’ in the original Hellraiser.

Episode 19 "Love Your Junk" Has Been Released!

It seems like we've been gone forever and it's great to get back in the swing of things. However, what a topic to return with. Here is some notes:

Here it is... The show that made both of us blush. We present the "Love Your Junk" episode and discuss Days of Darkness, Beyond Reanimator, and Teeth. This is actually a longer-episode (Around 1 hour 49 minutes) because of the catching up we had to do for taking last week off for the holidays.

Steve from the Bonehand podcast ( provides us with some thematically-relevant music. We also are spotlighting JAFMP and The Midnight Podcast by playing their promos. Both great shows that we all should be listening to.

This episode comes with a warning... If it can make Sam and Mike blush, you know something is wrong... very wrong!

Look up all of the show notes HERE.

Here are the trailers for the films we discuss in this episode:

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Let me tell you about a little gem I found

So I was looking through my local disount store for some bargain DVD's since I need to get a collection going. I found one called "Inside" that looked interesting, so I picked it up and took it home. I let it sit for a little while but curiosity got the best of me and I decided to watch it on a snowy Saturday afternoon. What I found was absolutely shocking.

This is a story of brutality, pain, suffering, torture both mentally and physically, with some interesting twists and turns. Although I guessed what was going on as soon as the evil character was introduced, the ride through the rest of the movie was very well done. I had to rewind a couple of scenes because they took my by surprise and I wasn't ready for what happened next.

This is not a movie I will look forward to watching, but would check out from time to time with others who have not seen it. Wow, that was disturbing.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Cadaver Lab Promo!!!

We've been slackers by taking a week off from the show. This has opened up a little bit of free time to work on some other stuff. Well, we've finally put together and finished our promo. I'm going to post a link so that you can give it a listen.

Let us know what you think!!!

Download HERE